3D Art at Bero Center, Oberhausen

Dubai Canvas : 3D Art Festival : Gregor Wosik

Gregor Wosik tells us about his background in 3D Art & his experience in The Dubai Canvas : 3D Art Festival

Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH – 3D-Painting

Gregor Wosik und Marion Ruthardt, 3d Steetart at the Chalkfestival Sarasota

3D Streetpainting Almere

3D Illusionpainting in Wilhelmshaven

Malibu 3D Illusion

3D Streetpainting in Moskau

3D Streetart, Gregor Wosik in Qatar

3D Streetart Gregor Wosik München

3D Streetpainting Reutlingen

3D Streetpainting Neustadt

3D Streetart Lienz olala festival

3D streetpainting  Mülheim a. d. Ruhr

3D Streetartfestival Geldern 2009

3D Street Painting World Record 2009

From 24.- to 26. of October 2009 a team of artists from the Netherlands and Germany created a terrific 3d calkimage on the forecourt of Rijssen town hall (the netherlands). For the first time the 3D-pictures point of view is this far away from the image itself ( a bridge in the 2nd floor of the townhall). The picture has a size of 750 squaremeters (WORLDRECORD). It´s a breathtaking project!
With this short documentary I try to give you a brief impression of the atmosphere and show you that there is more to it than meets the eye.